Our Team

The core work of Women in Cities International is performed by a small staff based in Montréal, Canada. The staff is supported by a body of enthusiastic and knowledgeable interns.


screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-9-08-57-pmKathryn Travers, Executive Director

As Executive Director of Women in Cities International (WICI), Kathryn oversees the organisations’ functions and leads the development, management and coordination of WICI’s programmes, projects and research. She has a successful history of developing and managing programmes in Canada and internationally and has effectively worked to broaden the understanding of women’s safety by bringing an intersectional approach to her work and by collaborating with different groups of women and girls to explore new related issues (accessibility, essential services, adolescence, etc.). Kathryn has led the development of new and innovative tools for capturing data about women’s and girls’ safety experiences in urban environments and has led training workshops in several countries. She has extensive experience in working with diverse populations in the global North and South including adolescent girls, women with disabilities, indigenous women, elderly women, women living in informal settlements, etc. She has contributed to the development of groundbreaking research reports, including the production of the reports Adolescent Girls’ Views on Safety in Cities (2013) and Gender and Essential Services in Low-Income Communities (2011). She was a co-organizer of the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety. Before joining WICI, Kathryn worked for ICPC on issues of women’s safety, youth at risk and urban safety.


Pauline Vadon

Pauline recently graduated from McGill university in international development, political science and social entrepreneurship. Passionate about issues of gender in development, she focused her studies on security issues worldwide and the impact of conflict on women and girls. She got involved with WICI to help with communications, managing the social media accounts and raising awareness about safety of women in cities and their meaningful participation in the cities of tomorrow.


Nancy Mitchell

Nancy recently obtained a Masters in Political Science with a collaboration in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. Her research interests focus mainly on the ways in which gender inequality manifests itself in our every day lives, and she is interested in exploring the ways in which urban planning can reduce and remedy issues of unequal access to public space. At WICI she assists with media communications and the development of WICI’s blog.


Arianne Kent

Dina Al Shawwa

Lucía Justo 

Hannah McCasland

Karlene Ooto-Stubbs

Yala Conceicao

Mélissa Côté-Douyon

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