small talks & city blocks: a podcast project by Women in Cities International

April 14, 2017

By: Hannah McCasland

Last year, Women in Cities International produced a short video,“Let’s Talk About Street Harassment”, spearheaded by volunteer Kate Ellis for International Anti Street Harassment Week. The video included interviews with people all over Montreal, in many different neighborhoods. It was a great jumpstart for conversation, for discussing the pervasive, everyday issue of street harassment.

This year, to continue the important conversations about this topic, we launched a podcast!

Volunteer Bethy Moncion and myself wanted to speak with women who are navigating the challenges posed to city safety due to gender based street harassment, and how they are personally resisting, or otherwise doing research, artistic interventions, or organizing to raise awareness of and end the culture that supports street harassment and paints it as normal.

The conversations we got to have were enlightening, inspiring, and fun. We learned so much hearing from amazing women who work everyday to challenge the harassment that limits women’s access to public space and in turn equality. We had a great time sitting down with them, and we hope you have as good of a time listening to them in our first Women in Cities International Podcast production, small talk & city blocks!

For International Anti Street Harassment Week 2017, we launched the podcast with 3 episodes featuring conversations about street harassment. We talked with the founder of the organization Stop Street Harassment and of Anti Street Harassment Week, Holly Kearl. We got to listen to Kathryn Travers, the director of Women in Cities International, and Ayesha Vemuri, a researcher in such areas as feminist interventions to reclaim urban space in India, the use of social media in these movements, and rape culture on college campuses. We also got to visit Cynthia Hammond and Caroline Alexander at their art exhibit and workshop “Safety Strategies: Space, Gender, and the City” while it was at Studio XX in Montreal.

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Soon, we will be publishing bits of our conversations that didn’t make it to the podcast episodes!

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would be interested in participating in our podcast project. We would love to have conversations that in any way relate to feminism, safety in the city, urban studies, feminist takes on social media and technology, artistic practices, etc!

small talks & city blocks: a podcast project by Women in Cities International