Welcome to the Women in Cities International Blog!

We hope for the blog to be a place to exchange ideas, highlight challenges and issues, discuss solutions, and share our experiences. We also hope for readers to learn more about WICI, our team, and the work that we are doing to make cities safer and more inclusive for a full diversity of women and girls.

WICI wants to highlight women’s issues in urban areas as a global phenomenon, issues that are universal as well as local. By sharing the commonalities and differences in women’s experiences, we can work to raise awareness around our work and create a community of like-minded individuals who share the common goal of making cities safer for women. Our blog is intended to have an international reach, featuring contributions from various international correspondents as well as from our team in Montreal. Each week will feature new and exciting news from the world of urban development and highlight the research done by our volunteers.


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Get Involved!

We want to feature as many voices as possible on our blog. If you are participating in an organization with similar goals, doing research, or have any interest in related fields such as geography, feminism, urban studies, international development, etc. etc. we would love to feature a post by you! We believe that perspectives from a variety of backgrounds will enrich our conversations.

If you want to get involved, please email: admin@femmesetvilles.org, subject line: Blog Correspondent. 

You can send us a little about what you would be interested in writing about, and a little bit about yourself.

Thank you!


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